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At Enhance Dental we ensure that we give our patients good after-care information when we have performed dental procedures. We deliver exceptional quality work at our practice and have transformed many smiles, but it is very important that we work as a team so that you hold on to that beautiful smile!
While our practice does not compromise on cleanliness and regard it as a rigid and non-negotiable habitual regime, we understand that the home setting does not offer this sanitized environment. Following our home instructions re good oral care and infection prevention will therefore be in your hands. We cannot stress the importance of paying attention to our instructions enough, as it could mean the difference between a great smile and having wasted your time and money – and even resulting in intense physical pain and starting over completely as well at home care.

Home instructions

It is very important to maintain your dental work after any procedure performed by our dentists, so that you can keep flashing your new smile! We will tell you what you need to do after all procedures performed by us and it is very important that you take our advice and follow our instructions. It is equally important that you keep scheduled appointments with us should they be necessary. Here is some topic-specific after procedure care information that will benefit you.