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As doctors and staff of Dr.Stark Enhance Dental, we appreciate the importance of looking after the dental needs of children. Tooth decay impacts children on various levels, but it is also important to us to reach out to children with dental issues to prevent more serious issues in the future. For these reasons, we are involved in Big Smiles and ReachOut Healthcare America.

Big Smiles:

We are very proud to be associated with and to be able to reach out to children with our expertise through partnering with Big Smiles. As doctors involved in this program, we provide on-site dental care to children from low-income homes at schools, because we know that these children, sadly, would otherwise often not have access to dental care at all.

Big Smiles is a school-based oral health program that provides dental services to children from low-income homes in the hope to reduce oral diseases in these children. Apart from the fact that dental problems can lower self-esteem and hinder personal development, statistics show that children who have dental problems, are 12 times more likely to miss school due to pain caused by oral health problems. Statistics further indicate that an unbelievable 4 million children in America attend school in dental pain daily.

ReachOut Healthcare America:

We are also proud to be associated with RHA, an organization that also supports the One More Child Foundation.

We work with RHA to deliver comprehensive dental care to children through being one of the mobile dental clinics that travel to schools, group homes, residential treatment centers, etc. Being part of a mobile dental program, we deliver the latest technology to bring top-quality care to patients in a compassionate manner. Our services to patients who form part of this program include for example dental exams, x-rays, sealants, fillings, teeth cleaning and also some restorative procedures.