Lumineers are very thin aligners that can be used for the straightening of teeth of people who do not have major teeth alignment issues. Lumineers are extremely strong and made of dental porcelain called Cerinate. Dr. Stark is a certified Lumineers Dentist and will place your Lumineers for you if you should qualify to have them fitted.
The Lumineer placing process is a painless one and also reversible; something that only a small percentage of veneers offer.

It does not require any tooth preparation such as drilling or anesthetic injections like with normal veneers. With regular porcelain veneers the dentist will have to strip away some of the front of the tooth – about as much as the thickness of the veneer he or she is going to place. With Lumineers this is not necessary as they are so thin (generally only about .2 to .3mm thick) that they can be bonded directly onto your teeth. Your existing teeth will therefore remain intact when Lumineers are going to be placed.

Lumineers are semi-transparent and make your teeth look whiter – an advantage that you don’t have with normal veneers.

Lumineers are made of dental porcelain called Cerinate. Cerinate porcelain is a patented porcelain from DenMat Holdings in California, and is much stronger and durable than plastic resin veneers.
You will only need to pay 2 visits to your dentist to get Lumineers fitted! During your 1st consultation your dentist will make an impression of your mouth and you will choose the color of your lumineers. The impression will be sent to the lab for your Lumineers to be custom made for you. The 2nd visit will involve the careful placement of your lumineers, which normally takes around an hour.
The Lumineers process is completely pain-free. There won’t even be post-placement sensitivity or discomfort, and they will feel comfortable and look natural directly after placement!
Realistically one cannot expect any dental veneer to last forever, especially when they are placed on front teeth where appearance is very important. You might therefore have to replace your Lumineers at some point, for instance if you have them fitted at a youngish age. However – several studies and statistics have proven that they easily last 10 years and one clinical study showed a 94% success rate for a 20 year lifespan.
Lumineers are reversible and therefore also easily replaceable. If one comes off, you just make an appointment with us and we will sort it out!
DenMat offers a 5 year warranty on the lumineers. Your dentist’s workmanship and experience is something you should inquire about before you have them placed.
Lumineers don’t really require special treatment; just normal good oral hygiene. You should brush them twice daily and floss once a day as per normal. A high fluoride toothpaste that is not abrasive would be helpful, as fluoride hardens the teeth and prevents tooth decay. An electric toothbrush might be good to invest in if you don’t already have one, as their bristles rotate and also move faster, cleaning your teeth more effectively. (It will also prevent you from brushing unnecessarily hard and scratching your Lumineers.) Lastly – maintain your twice yearly visits to your dentist for professional cleaning so that you can continue to make the world a more beautiful place with your bright smiles!