Plaque is bacteria that build up on our teeth and when it mixes with minerals like calcium in our saliva, it eventually hardens and becomes tartar. Unfortunately this tartar contains the bacterial toxins that the plaque initially contained, and tartar can only be removed by a professional like Dr. Stark or one of our dental hygienists.

At our practice Dr. Stark will first measure the depth of the space between the teeth and the gums at the beginning of your first cleaning at Enhance Dental. We will then use cleaning instruments or ultrasonic instruments that move at high speed and a spray coolant to remove most of the build-up. Next we will carefully do some fine scaling and root planing with special hand tools. Once all that has been done, we will polish your teeth. This will remove all residual stain, after which we will apply a special fluoride gel to the tooth surfaces. The special gel (or sometimes foam) will help to prevent sensitivity of the teeth and protect them from future decay.