Dental Bridges 

A dental bridge is used when a patient has an unsightly gap between teeth caused by one or more missing teeth. Your dentist might also sometimes have to recommend a dental bridge if you have a tooth with extensive damage that would not be able to support a dental crown.

A dental bridge is an important consideration when you have a gap in your mouth, as teeth adjacent to gaps will drift in an effort to close the gap. This will change the shape of your face and among other things make you look older. Eating is also more difficult with gaps in the mouth.

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CEREC crowns

Dental crowns are protective tooth covers that strengthen the teeth and also reinforce the jaw. CEREC dental crowns, however, are made by your dentist using CAD/CAM technology – the same technology that is used by a dental lab to make crowns. With this technology Dr. Stark can make accurate, scanned impressions of your tooth or teeth, make alterations on computer if she needs to – and the obvious result will be a perfect crown thanks to the accuracy that the CEREC system affords the user.

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Dental implants

Dental implants can be done when a patient is missing a tooth or a few teeth. With implants the tooth or teeth are literally ‘planted’ in the jaw permanently. Out of all of your teeth replacement choices, implants are most like natural teeth – They will therefore not move around in the mouth, and there are no food restrictions.

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Dentures are custom-made false teeth that fit over the gums to replace a number or all the teeth of an individual. Complete dentures can be removed while partial dentures are usually permanently fixed to the gum.

Dentures are generally worn by adults who have lost teeth for various reasons, but could sometimes be recommended by a dentist for children under specific circumstances.

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Fillings / restoration 

Dental fillings are a way of restoring teeth that have enough tooth structure left to keep it, but have been damaged by injury or tooth decay. You and your dentist can decide on whether you prefer metal or tooth-colored fillings to restore your affected tooth or teeth.

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Gum disease laser therapy

Gum disease laser therapy is used by Enhance Dental to treat inflammatory diseases in gum tissue. It is a non-invasive treatment that is gentle and that disinfects and eliminates diseased tissue surrounding the teeth.

This form of therapy excludes the need for injections, drills and scalpels and rather uses the benefits of low-wave laser to remove the diseased tissue. It then forms a clot that covers the area that has been worked on; aiding healing.

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Tooth extractions

Tooth extractions are done when the tooth can’t be saved. Some reasons why a tooth may have to be extracted are severe gum disease, loose teeth where the situation can’t be resolved otherwise, severe tooth decay when the nerves and blood vessels have died and there is a painful abscess, a broken tooth that can’t be restored, crowded teeth in a small jaw where a tooth or some teeth need to be removed in order for remaining ones to be straightened, or wisdom teeth problems.

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