Sparkling smiles make the best selfies!

Teenagers should take good care of their teeth and gums ,as they should ideally keep their teeth for the rest of their lives! While teens aren’t adults yet, they also don’t want to be treated like kids anymore. Everyone, including your teen, will be treated with the care and respect, they deserve at Enhance Dental. We will set high standards for them, regarding their oral hygiene; our goal is for them to want to take care of their teeth and to not dread their bi-annual visits.

It should be pressed upon teenagers that they are to brush and floss their teeth twice a day, drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet. Drinks like soda, sports drinks and flavored water should be avoided. Instead, they could be encouraged to eat nuts, cheese, chicken or other meats and to drink milk, if they aren't allergic. These foods provide calcium and phosphorous that re-mineralize teeth and protect tooth enamel. Firm and crunchy fruits like pears and apples, as well as vegetables, are also good for ones teeth due to their high water content. Good water content stimulates saliva flow, which aids in the prevention of tooth decay by washing away acid and food particles in the mouth.

Teens and children who play sports should be encouraged to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth from getting chipped, broken or knocked out while playing sports; those who grind their teeth at night should discuss the possibility of obtaining a custom fitted night guard with Dr. Stark.