Your first visit to us will be one where you will feel welcome at our practice and where you will see that we do all in our power to make visits to our practice pleasant experiences. We will also ensure that you know exactly what is going to happen when, and that you leave us armed with knowledge and a smile on your face!

  • During your first visit, we will have a nice chat and assess your needs. We will talk about what your goals are and what you require to have done most urgently. We will also deal with any issue that needs immediate care. If you need a treatment plan that will take some time, we discuss a possible treatment plan for you.
  • Our treatment coordinator will then sit with you and answer all other questions you might have regarding your treatment, other options if you want to know and they are available, and the fees involved. Our treatment coordinator is the person you can pepper with questions and who will make sure you leave well-informed.
  • We will also plan the stages of your treatment during your first visit and give you an indication of the time frame that it can be completed in. The latter might depend on the financing you have available. We will however talk about what you want done and your end goals – and we will start planning and treatment keeping everything in mind!