Dental X-ray

A Dental X-ray allows Dr. Stark to see detailed images of your mouth. Various types of Dental X-rays are available, including:

  • Bitewing. This type of X-ray allows Dr. Stark to see the crowns of the upper and lower teeth. During a bitewing X-ray, you'll bite down on the X-ray film holder while the X-ray images are being taken.
  • Periapical. This type of X-ray allows Dr. Stark to see the entire tooth and the surrounding bone.
  • Occlusal. This type of X-ray allows the dentist to see the way the upper teeth and corresponding lower teeth fit together when the jaw is closed.
  • Panoramic. This type of X-ray gives Dr. Stark a broad view of the entire mouth.
  • Cone beam computerized tomography. This type of X-ray provides a 3-D view so that Dr. Stark can better gauge the spacing of teeth and adjacent structures.
  • X-rays aren't typically needed at every dental visit. Radiation exposure from dental X-rays is low — but talk to Dr. Stark if you're concerned about radiation exposure.