Poskom portable X-ray machine and dental images - newHow regularly one needs to visit your dentist for an oral exam, often has more to do with your gum tissue and the supporting bone of your teeth than with your teeth themselves. It is therefore very important to visit a dentist and rather be guided by the specialist than decide for yourself, as the specialist is qualified and also makes use of specialist equipment to determine your individual needs.

During an oral exam at our practice we examine your mouth thoroughly – checking for tooth decay, your existing tooth restorations and gum disease. We also do an oral cancer screening, take x-rays if needed and make decisions on treatment if necessary in consultation with you.

When it comes to oral health, it is general knowledge that the soft plaque on our teeth eventually hardens and turns into tartar when good oral health is not maintained. Tartar can irritate the gum tissue, resulting in gum disease. However – more and more studies indicate that an unhealthy mouth may also increase our risk of overall health problems like heart attacks, strokes, premature labor and diabetes. Systemic diseases (diseases that affect our entire bodies) like AIDS or diabetes, for example, often first appear as mouth lesions or other oral problems.