As a last resort!

Sometimes there is no other option but to extract or even multiple teeth; even though every effort will always be made to retain original ones.

A tooth will for example have to be removed if it is badly broken or cracked, or is completely decayed. Teeth that can’t be saved with a root canal or that have become very lose and damaged due to advanced gum disease, might also warrant extraction. Teeth that are very badly aligned and cause continuous irritation in the mouth, or that have minimal or no function, or could put a patient at risk for gum disease because they are in an area of the mouth that makes cleaning difficult, might also be candidates for removal. A tooth (or some teeth) might sometimes also have to be taken out for orthodontic treatment like alignment, when space needs to be made for effective orthodontic purposes. The patient’s budget for repairs also plays a role at times.

Extracted teeth can be replaced in a number of ways. The route that you decide to take could among others be influenced by your ultimate treatment goal, time constraints and budget. Commonly used replacement options are dental implants, partial or complete dentures and bridges. A frank discussion with your dentist is always a good place to start, so never hesitate to speak to Dr. Stark about your preferences and concerns.